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Exploded views of Mk I and Mk II Amal concentrics, originally titled - Colin Hewitts Triumph Bonneville T140E
About me - Tall tales but true. Who I am...where I am.... maybe some day I will add why I am. Not to mention some pics from long ago and far away ..... plus a some recent additions
Colin Hewitts Triumph Bonneville T140E
This page
A T140 discussion board - also incorporating the T120
A brief history of the Meridan Bonneville 1958 - 1983 and its brief life at Harris
A description of the serial number prefix and suffix lettering
Test your knowledge of things Triumph on this 10 question quiz
What it's all about ..................Alfie
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Definition of  Vintage, Veteran and Classic MotorCycles
Veteran    manufactured up to 31 December 1918
  manufactured from 1 January 1919 to 31 December 1930
manufactured from 1 January 1931 that is more than thirty (30) years old
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