Cue Sports Revitalized

T140® App does it all

• Very high gross margins for Clubs (95%)
• Fixed event times - finish in under three hours
• Virtually no staff involvement
• Clubs and Players are part of a Global network



• Free to join - you only pay when you run an Event
• Very High Gross margins
• Run Events during your quiet periods
• Automatic operation means no staff time
• Can be played by all levels of players



• Play whenever and wherever you wish
• Events finish in under three hours
• All players have an equal chance of winning
• Earn Global Ranking Points
• Eligible for local, national and international tournaments


About T140®

• Global network of cue sport Clubs and Players
• Internationally recognised Events and Rankings
• Player Advantage™ ... equalising the chance of winning
• Sharing a vision to grow, support and unite all cue sports around the World



• T140 Burst™ is a free program for Schools
• Introduce cue sports into the student curriculum
• Schools work with National Governing Bodies for coaching
• Students learn valuable skills and a “sport for life”
• Multi-level modules from beginner to elite

We now have 32,427 Clubs on our Global Map. More are being added every day. If you would like to add your Club click here.
If you can’t find a T140 Club near you, please contact us and we will find one for you.

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