T140’s unique Player Advantage™ system performs a new and unique calculation in every Event, for each Player based on their past performances and those of their Opponents


It’s cue sports revitalized. Playing in a T140 Event™ is fun, fast and fair. Best of all you can play anywhere, anytime. Our unique Player Advantage™ levels the playing field ensuring you have an equal opportunity of winning an Event . Our innovative T140® App puts play in the palm of your hand.

Level the playing field

T140 Events™ are available in all major cue sports including 8-Ball, 9-Ball, 10-Ball, Snooker, 6 Red Snooker, Carom, Heyball Pool, Blackball, WEPF International Rules, English Billiards, Russian Classic Pyramid and Russian Free Pyramid.

T140 Events™ are run under slightly Modified Rules which are designed to make the games more exciting, fun and dynamic.

Cue Sports Revitalized

T140 Events™ are made up of seven 20-minute rounds played between anywhere from 4 to 16 players. Gain your official Player Advantage™ after only 8 events. Maintain your official Player Advantage™ with only 13 events a year.

Whatever your lifestyle, T140 Events™ offer the ultimate in flexibility because you choose when and where you play. Our innovative round robin format encourages social engagement and builds community and connection between Players.

Players with an official Player Advantage™ will be able to see their ranking by club, city, country, region and globally. They will be able to play in invitation only T140 Tournaments. We are levelling the playing field and increasing your enjoyment.

Our Unique Player Advantage™

T140’s unique Player Advantage system ensures that every Player has an equal opportunity of winning an Event. The T140 Event™ system carries out discrete calculations which analyse the playing history of each Player, their Opponents and the Clubs to calculate each Players' unique Player Advantage™ for each Event.

Any Player can win any T140 Event™ and eventually progress to playing in State/Provincial, National and International T140® Championships with big prize money and many other benefits on offer.