T140 Events™ provides the ultimate cue sports contest. A turnkey solution designed to significantly enhance your business. T140 Events™ will revitalise your Club through increased player participation and the introduction of new players.

All Players. All Codes. All Countries.

T140 Events™ are available in all major cue sports including 9-Ball, 8-Ball, 10-Ball, Snooker, 6 Red Snooker, Carom, Heyball Pool, Blackball, WEPF International Rules, English Billiards, Russian Classic Pyramid and Russian Free Pyramid. It can be played on as few as two tables.

140 Min Playing Time | 4 - 16 Players | Player Advantage™ system

T140 Events ™ are made up of seven 20-minute rounds played between anywhere from 4 to 16 players. These timed T140 Events™ ensure that you can now confidently schedule start and finish times to suit you - easily managing your room, minimizing staffing requirements for these events and enjoying greater numbers of players at your venue.

Our innovative competition format encourages social engagement and builds community and connection between Players and hosting Venues. T140’s unique Player Advantage™ system ensures that every Player has an equal opportunity of winning an Event.

The T140 Event™ system carries out discrete calculations which analyse the playing history of each Player, their Opponents and the Clubs to calculate each Players' unique Player Advantage™ for each Event.

Players with an official Player Advantage™ will be able to see their ranking by club, city, country, region and globally. We are levelling the playing field and thus increasing player engagement and enjoyment.

How does the pricing system work?

The T140 Events™ system is available to you on a user pay basis. You only pay for the T140 Events™ that you run. It costs you US$1 per Player per Event. Need more detail? Contact us or view our T&Cs in full.